Dr. Patberg reaches up to 250 searches

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

During his eight years as a professional consultant, Patberg's number of conducted administrator searches continues to rise.

With the recent searches for head women’s basketball coaches for Queens University and Lenoir-Rhyne University, Senior Vice President Dr. Kurt Patberg has completed 250 searches during his eight plus years as a consultant. Patberg, whose primary emphasis is working with institutions in NCAA DII and DIII and the NAIA, does so with a unique approach that is tailored toward these institutions.

When Dr. Patberg made the decision to walk away from his role as a small college commissioner, he did so with little intention of conducting job searches. He said, “Initially conducting searches was not going to be a part of my area of concentration; but given my vast contacts and, I believe, a unique ability to read people and to determine why they have been successful in their current positions, I have been blessed by the fact that many folks have entrusted me to assist with finding their next-tier talent.” Thirty-three have been searches for athletic directors, 11 for commissioners, 79 for head coaches and 27 for other athletic administrator positions.

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