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 Feasibility Studies

Athletics Staffing and Consultants can assist colleges and universities that are considering making adjustments in their intercollegiate athletic programs - adjustments that will impact the manner in which the institution does business for years to come.

Our experienced group of professionals will explore numerous possibilities and provide to the administration information necessary to make the proper decisions. Individuals who have lived through these processes will conduct the studies.

Transitioning from membership in one division/national affiliation to another:

ASC studies have helped institutions decide on transitioning from NAIA to NCAA and from NCAA II to NCAA I. ASC has also assisted universities in determining that a move was not in the best interest of the institution at that time and have suggested improvements to make the current situation the best it could be while, simultaneously, enhancing its position to become more a viable candidate for a transition should that be desired in the future. 

Determining the most effective conference alignment for an institution: 

Armed with the knowledge gained as former conference commissioners, the ASC staff understands the ins and outs of conference affiliation. ASC studies have helped, and will continue to help, institutions choose conferences that are best for them in terms of cost, competition, travel, academics, etc.


Our studies determine institutional needs and help prevent investments that may not be favorable to the institution. Our staff has provided information that guided institutions as they made decisions on facilities costing millions of dollars.

Adding or dropping sports: 

There are no tougher decisions than whether to add or discontinue particular sports. It is always helpful when an outside party objectively provides information and facts so the institution can make these very serious decisions wisely. ASC look at all aspects (finances, facilities, personnel, student welfare, enrollment, public relations, etc.) and provide information necessary for the institution’s leadership to make an informed decision.

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