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With a comprehensive and coordinated approach, our experts work closely with the institution’s senior leadership and department of athletics. Athletics Staffing and Consultants can assist your institution in maximizing enrollment and retention revenues through the use of athletics.

 Athletics Enrollment &

Retention Management

Our consultants recognize that within institutions senior level administration, there are personnel of high quality and talent. However despite this, it's possible that many of these individuals lack the depth of knowledge and understanding of intercollegiate athletics that may enable them to fully grasp the challenges in enrollment and retention of student-athletes. 

Many quality athletic administrators at smaller colleges and universities often possess a limited knowledge of the ways in which sports can be used to enhance student enrollment. Rather, these athletic administrators are often more concerned with the implementation of programs that are successful in regards to the number of wins and losses. Due to their limited understanding of enrollment management, these individuals sometimes fail to recognize the importance of athletics in terms of helping the institution achieve its strategic objectives as well as its enrollment and retention goals.

While it is important that an institution’s senior administration and athletic administrators work in tandem, often this does not go as smoothly as it could. For many institutions this is a matter of finding a balance between the impact of athletic aid on the discount rates and contribution margins and the competitiveness of the teams. Our team of experts believe that finding this balance largely contribute to the institution’s overall ability to retain student athletes based on the quality of their experiences. ASC helps institutions find this (sweet spot) between the enrollment needs of the institution and the competitive desires of those involved in the intercollegiate athletic programs.

“In my former role as a commissioner, I've helped institutions improve through the growth of their athletic programs. It has been an important and enjoyable part of my life.  I joined ASC to continue my passion of seeing academic institutions grow and thrive.  This move has allowed me to use my unique knowledge base to assist institutions in reaching their goals through enrollment and retention.”

- Kurt Patberg, Ph.D.

Senior VP

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